Coffee, photography, Clothing and more down at Muchacho Shop HQ in Bon – Muchacho Clothing

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Coffee, photography, Clothing and more down at Muchacho Shop HQ in Bondi

Posted: Sep 02 2016

Here's a look at our shop down in Bondi, we've been busy!
After a good few sessions of DIY building with yours truly and my Dad - the handy man that he is - we built some stools and some shelving enough to deck out a small cafe & chillout area in the Bondi store

Muchacho Shop Bondi Cafe

We're all pretty stoked with the finish and even happier with the choice of coffee that we've made.  After tasting many beans we went with the guys down at The Little Marionette , who typify the passion for coffee and quality that we wanted.  In their words: "

We select, roast, blend and gently caress the beans to create the best opportunity for customers to bring our coffee to life. From crowd pleasing blends as smooth and deep as Barry White’s dulcet tones to seasonal single origin small batch roasts as sweet and diverse as David Bowie to please the most discerning coffee connoisseurs."

So now not only do we have clothing and photography - we also have some great coffee.  

So for Father's Day - in celebration of my Dad helping the build - and , well , me becoming a Dad - we're offering 2 for 1 coffees this Sunday instore from 9am-2pm

Come in and check out the amazing range of photography we have instore from the guys at - we have a range of 16'x9's all the way up to our Acrylic Wall mounts at 30' x 45'

Happy Father's Day all - see you soon

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