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Touchdown Havana

Posted: May 22 2012

So first day in Havana and arrived here after a hectic mission to get to the Airport in Mexico.  5 hours of driving up and down the Yucatan coast and waiting for some sun to come out in Tulum then Playa del Carmen.  Got the pics though so managed to get the plane.  Senor taxista who picked me up from the airport in Havana ended up being a cool ol man so I trusted him to take me to his sisters apartamento to stay for the first night. Easy. She had a great view of the old town from the balcony so after about half an hour of intros I jumped down to the street, was itching to take some photos of this cool city.  Havana is easy,  you can literally just walk round anywhere and lap up the atmosphere.  Theres no real need for a plan, no overthinking about tshirt designs or photographic techniques.  Just watch as the showreel unfolds in front of you and lap it up.

Then after a few hours of walking the streets of Havana Vieja and Havana Centro I stumbled upon a bar for a well earned beer.  Bucanero seemed to be the beer of choice here as the locals kept coming in after work.  Davy the barman was a good man, up for a chat and keen to keep me there for another.  I obliged, and within a few hours Id met half the people living within a block of this salute to socialist minimalism of a bar - a real cuban bar...  Davy then proceeded to teach me the ways of preparing the perfect mojito - for which I was all ears.  Technique, ingredients combined with the right amount of love was the secret.  I ended up getting behind the bar after a few and was then serving up mojitos to the locals. haha, funny night.  If youre in Havana, stop in to Bar Mundo and say hola to - well everyone...



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  • Posted by Jaylynn on June 25, 2012

    You’ve catpeurd this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!

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