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Going photo mad

Posted: May 18 2012


Its Time for more inspiration -
Mexico - Cuba - Brazil should do the job! 

It's been 10 years since I lived in Mexico so I thought Id go back and see whats going on and if much had changed - and hey where better to have a working holiday right!  When I was there in 2002 Muchacho wasnt yet born and neither was passion for photography so its going to be interesting to see what unfolds.  Hopefully the family I lived with are still in the same house, I dont have any email addresses and Mark Zuckerberg was still a hacker at Harvard University.  It will be pretty cool to go say hola.  Either way Mexico will throw some pretty crazy shit my way Im sure - always does.  And CUBA, I cant say enough about how much I love this place.  I cant believe I havent been there in ten years.  Stay tuned and watch this space for updates - or better still follow my blog (havent written much yet haha) or on facebook
Pics to come

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