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Cliff divers in Acapulco

 So pretty much the first stop on 2012 tour was the Mexican former resort town of the rich and famous, Acapulco.  This place was made famous back in the 60s with Elvis and the movie "Fun in Acapulco" along with the legendary cliff divers of la quebrada which started back in the 30s.  These divers are legendary and if Im honest, probably the only thing worth seeing in Acapulco.

I arrived in Acapulco late afternoon and found my usually flawless technique of not booking a hotel before arriving a bit flimsy here.  It was Semana Santa (Easter) and this means half of mexico wanting to sun it up with the Narcos and touts down on the beaches of Acapulco.  I spent 6 hours trying to find a hotel room and so ending up settling for, well, probably the most expensive room in the town at twice the normal rate.  Did I learn anything?  History will show that I probably didn't.  But hey, I was here to shoot the cliff divers and find tshirt design inspiration.  And that I got.  In spades.  The next day I spent the whole afternoon swanning around the hotel overlooking the cliff in question.  Not much to do here except chat to the locals and sample the local cerveza - corona of course - which happens to be my favourite.  After the second or third beer my vantage points started becoming more and more obscure as I climbed up and down the hotel terrace/cliff face in order to get the perfect shot.  Don't worry - nothing too dangerous here - its not exactly cliff hanger here.  It is high though and very impressive watching the divers.

I ended up meeting with the manager of La Quebrada (the organisation of cliff divers) and chatted to him about the goings on with this club of elite divers.  Pretty amazing stuff.  They are a group of around 65 divers, all friends and local mexicans ranging in age from 15 to 50.  Not all of them dive from the top of the cliff which is 35 meters high but they each have their limits and usually the young apprentices start off a show by diving around 5 meters.  Were talking swan dives, backflips, twists pikes you name it - these guys do it off platforms up to 3 times the olympic heights.  Then they go and do it all again in darkness at 10pm.  The boss was saying that they have to time the jump well because not only is the water shallow at 12 feet deep but if a wave is coming then yes its good to use the wave for height but if its too fast then the sideways motion of the wave can put the back under strain.  

No wonder they have around 65 guys in the team, Id imagine sick days would be a pretty regular occurrence.  On a good day though these guys make for some pretty stunning photos. And yes you will be seeing one or two of these cliff diving designs on tshirts and maybe even a few other items of clothing soon.




Acapulco cliff diving tshirt will surely be in the next Muchacho collection!

Adios amigos

T-shirt sale at Paddington This weekend

PADDINGTON MARKETS SALE is on this weekend. Come by, everyone is on sale. We will be 20-50% off all stock. Got some great new denim shirts for the cooler months, maxi dresses, jumpers and of course tshirts for the inner layers... All current t-shirt designs are on sale.

Here's a look at the new denim shirts on sale

Muchacho Printed Leggings may be an idea


So I was in a café in Paddington the other day and saw a girl walk in with some pretty cool printed leggings and the friend that I was with said they looked like a muchacho print.  Since then I havent really been able to get the idea out of my head so I decided to go back through my photos from my last trip to South America, back in April this year and see if I could get some cool designs onto leggings from them.  I landed on the cuban photos  and especially of Havana.  The sunsetting over Havanas old center would look really cool on some quality leggings.  Found a pretty cool pattern with the Rio pavement, from Ipanema, and I think that could be quite funkalicious.  This could be the start of a new era in streetwear for muchacho.  Loads of area to put the signature vintage prints.  And Im never too hesitant to add in there a sunrise from Mexico or Brazil just to add to the flavour of the south american beach vibe.  Here is a pic of a few of the designs mocked up but not saying I will make all of these - just some testers.

Muchacho Photoshoot in Mallorca with Christian Deerberg

Photoshoot in Mallorca, Spain this weekend for our European lovers... Looking forward to seeing the pics of our new face of Europe - Christian Deerberg - who is soon to have his own reality tv show. And Im being asked to go in it... hmmm really? 


Touchdown Havana

So first day in Havana and arrived here after a hectic mission to get to the Airport in Mexico.  5 hours of driving up and down the Yucatan coast and waiting for some sun to come out in Tulum then Playa del Carmen.  Got the pics though so managed to get the plane.  Senor taxista who picked me up from the airport in Havana ended up being a cool ol man so I trusted him to take me to his sisters apartamento to stay for the first night. Easy. She had a great view of the old town from the balcony so after about half an hour of intros I jumped down to the street, was itching to take some photos of this cool city.  Havana is easy,  you can literally just walk round anywhere and lap up the atmosphere.  Theres no real need for a plan, no overthinking about tshirt designs or photographic techniques.  Just watch as the showreel unfolds in front of you and lap it up.

Then after a few hours of walking the streets of Havana Vieja and Havana Centro I stumbled upon a bar for a well earned beer.  Bucanero seemed to be the beer of choice here as the locals kept coming in after work.  Davy the barman was a good man, up for a chat and keen to keep me there for another.  I obliged, and within a few hours Id met half the people living within a block of this salute to socialist minimalism of a bar - a real cuban bar...  Davy then proceeded to teach me the ways of preparing the perfect mojito - for which I was all ears.  Technique, ingredients combined with the right amount of love was the secret.  I ended up getting behind the bar after a few and was then serving up mojitos to the locals. haha, funny night.  If youre in Havana, stop in to Bar Mundo and say hola to - well everyone...



Going photo mad


Its Time for more inspiration -
Mexico - Cuba - Brazil should do the job! 

It's been 10 years since I lived in Mexico so I thought Id go back and see whats going on and if much had changed - and hey where better to have a working holiday right!  When I was there in 2002 Muchacho wasnt yet born and neither was passion for photography so its going to be interesting to see what unfolds.  Hopefully the family I lived with are still in the same house, I dont have any email addresses and Mark Zuckerberg was still a hacker at Harvard University.  It will be pretty cool to go say hola.  Either way Mexico will throw some pretty crazy shit my way Im sure - always does.  And CUBA, I cant say enough about how much I love this place.  I cant believe I havent been there in ten years.  Stay tuned and watch this space for updates - or better still follow my blog (havent written much yet haha) or on facebook
Pics to come

Leonardo At Paddington


Leonardo DiCaprio dons a Muchacho T-Shirt

Leonardo DiCaprio is in Sydney at the moment filming the Great Gatsby and stopped in at Paddington Markets to do a bit of shopping.  He added a muchacho tshirt to his collection.  Good to see one of our favourite actors has style too!

Loving the Brazilian Hip Hop sounds of Marcelo D2 lately

Marcelo D2 is muchachos kinda music.  Loving the mix between Modern Hip Hop and classic samba tunes like "Deixa eu dizer"...  (this one gets going around 1:40).

Santana Checks In @ Auckland Stockists

So just got off the phone with our lovely stockist "Strangely Normal" in Auckland and they were very excited to report that Carlos Santana just came into the shop and picked out a "mexico" muchacho tee along with a bunch of hoodies for the band.  Rock n Roll!  Everybody loves Santana!

I Love Bondi but I Live in Rose Bay

Well we dont live in Rose bay but Heather who came down to the Bondi markets on the weekend does...  Her hubby gave her the ultimatum of "him or bondi!" so the ultimate and cagey solution was obviously Rose Bay.  Haha I like it.

Check out what she wrote up about us after coming into the stall:


Come Aboard...

So now you can come join the ride on fb and like our page.  Well why not...


I Love Rio on a Sunday

Ezequiel shot in Argentina wearing this faded orange print tee. This photo I took in Rio was on Ipanema beach. Just picture a perfect afternoon, 32 degrees... sun beaming. The coconut stand has just cracked open a coco verde for you and the only decision you have to make is which factor suncream to put on. 

On Sundays they shut down the road alongside the beach to let people cruise along on skateboards, bikes and rollerblades... 
These two guys were riding into an Ipanema sunset having a good yarn. 
Love that city.

Sam Worthington @ Giffoni Film Festival in Italy

Good to see Sam Worthington stepping out again in a Muchacho.

Sam Worthington @ Giffoni Film Festival in Italy 

Design Federation Write Up

Liking the guys from Design Federation - Design Federation is an independent platform for Australia’s creative community.  We are a web-based information exchange hub for the latest in design news, events, projects and emerging identities in the region.

Our aim is to support and promote the up-and-comers, the kids, the battlers and the under-dogs of the Australian creative community. We have created a platform for the design community to gather, network, collaborate, support and learn from each other.

Design Federation